Instagram Live Shows

Next Live Show is December 10 and 11 "Sales Show!" Everything is 20% off, even the marked-down items. 

There's nothing better than women-owned businesses supporting each other! Mindful Living Studios makes crystal-buying fun, educational, and accessible to all. You can't beat the prices, quality of work and fun shows!

Good Graces always creates something special for Instagram Live Shows, so its a fun way to stay up to date with what's going on in the studio! Soap customers be sure to login 2pm Sunday. See you then!

Catch Good Graces on Instagram at these upcoming 2022 live shows with Mindful Living Studios: 

December 10-11, 2pm-7pm, PST. "Sales Show”

January 14-15, 2023, 2pm-7pm, PST.

February 2023 2pm-7pm PST

March 2023 2pm-7pm PST "Under the Sea"

April 2023 2pm-7pm PST 

Past 2022 Shows:

November 12-13, 2pm-7pm, PST. "You Asked For It." 

October 15-16, 2pm-7pm, PST. "Body Parts."

September 17-18, 2pm-7pm, PST. "Carvings, Creatures and Cuties” Show!

August 13-14, "Prescriptions Show" 2pm-7pm, PST.

July 9-10, 2pm-7pm, PST. Bundles Specials

June 11-12, 2pm-7pm, PST. "Sales Show"

May 14-15, 2pm-7pm, PST. "In the Fairy Garden" with guest woodburning artist, Chel Hull of @birchbayburns 

April 9-10, 2pm-7pm, PST. "Weird Science" 

March 12-13, 2-7pm, PST. "Never Before Seen on MLS"

February 5-6, 2-7pm, PST. "Crystals that can't go in... Sun/Salt/Water."

January 8-9, 2-7pm, PST. "Magick & Mythology."

New to Instagram Live? All you need is a username on Instagram. Login and watch the show. Pop in any time. We can't see your face. We can only see your username. If you see a product you like, you claim it by commenting and then DM your paypal email and zip code for invoicing and shipping. If you have a question during the show, just ask in the comment bar. We have a lot of fun selling and educating/learning new things and talking with you all. Attend for as long or short as fits your schedule that day. We are always available to DM with you that weekend as well.