• June 2022, Artist of the Month, Southside Living Magazine, pp 34-35.


"Good Graces LLC is a small, vegan bath and body care company focused on sustainability, education, and collaboration. Their 100% natural products are sustainably-sourced using organic and fair-trade ingredients, scented with essential oils and herbal blends, colored with clays and plant dyes.
From soap bars to creams and muscle rubs, to skin-saver salves, to bath soaks and soy wax candles, Good Graces promotes healthful self-care to soothe the body and mind. Enjoy items packaged in plant-based biodegradable wrap, and compostable or recycleable containers.
Follow @goodgracessoaps to learn more about wild-harvesting local plants for culinary and healing purposes. Owner, Saragrace Wyckoff, also works collaboratively with local crafters in person and online. Shop daily at the Whatcom Art Market in Fairhaven, the 2nd weekend of every month on Instagram Live, and anytime with free local delivery at!
Instagram: @goodgracessoaps