Whipped Body Butters are Back!

Whipped Body Butters are Back!

Hello lovely customers!

I've been working hard in the studio this week getting our whipped body butters, with and without magnesium oil to you!

Find our popular Body Whip and Magnesium Dream Creams exclusively at the Bellingham Farmer's Market during the month of October! Open 10-2, you can find us under the pavillion, near the goat, right on the corner of Railroad and Maple. 

The Body Whip is magnesium-free, and small enough to fit in your purse. Just remember - it cannot withstand heat, so keep it in a cool place with the lid on for maximum shelf life. 

The Magnesium Dream Cream contains 17% magnesium oil, which is known to help with constitutional rhythms, including sleep and bowel movements, as well as relaxation for the muscles. Apply at night before bed, under a pair of socks, if you like. 

There are a few new scents to sample, so come on down and try them in person. 

See you soon, 


PS. I LOVE SCENT REQUESTS from customers. No guarantees, but happy to hear your ideas. What scents do you want to see available? Let me know at the Farmer's Market :) 

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